Hack Your Journey with the Best Travel Tips for 2019

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We here at WOLO Wandersnacks are passionate about travel. This is why our protein bars are packed with all the good stuff your body wants and needs to get you through your journey. But our travel knowledge extends far beyond travel snacks.

Our team has traveled the globe and has compiled a list of tried and true tips, tricks & hacks that will help make even the most intimidating travel itinerary easy as can be. Instead of just sharing these tips with our co-workers and family we've compiled in the list below and want to share our knowledge with everyone!


Before you can take a trip, you have to make a plan. Here’s some of the favorite ways to prepare for a trip. 

Set Up Airfare Alerts

Know where you want to go but haven’t bought your plane ticket? You can save yourself a ton of time and money by setting up airfare alerts in advance when booking flights. With countless sites out there with this service, finding just the right one is a whole other story. So where do you even begin? Glad you asked.

First of all, you’ll want to try several sites to narrow down which one works best for you. If a cheap domestic airfare with two connections isn’t for you, then try another one.

Try setting up alerts with price maximums, the frequency of notifications, specific of flexible dates and different destinations.

Email alerts offer one of the easiest ways to track airfares. Many travel websites offer airfare alerts, to let you know when fares are reduced and what they have on offer. Some popular sites for setting up email alerts are Airfare Watchdog and Kayak.

You can also try using awesome apps such as Skyscanner and Hopper. Skyscanner lets you choose options that suit you based on whether you take a direct flight, time of day you want to fly, maximum duration of your journey and favourite airline(s). Hopper lets you pick your destination and shows you the cheapest days to fly over the course of the next six months.

Pack Like a Pro!

You’ve booked your trip and now you’re about to leave on your epic adventure. But first you have to pack a bag...

There is nothing like that feeling of sweet satisfaction as you saunter through the airport with your tiny, efficient luggage. Let others drag their entire wardrobe behind them: you’re a traveler, not a porter!

Want some tips to pack lighter and smarter? Try these on your next jaunt:


Nobody ever believes this one until they try it, but rolling clothes really does save space and keep clothes as wrinkle free as they are likely to be. For suit jackets, try turning them inside out first. In fact, anything you roll and turn inside out is almost guaranteed to arrive and travel looking cleaner.


Always stow shoes in bags. Plastic shower caps, grocery bags, or fancy muslin eco-drawbags from Etsy? It's your choice and they all work great. Shoes stay cleaner and your clothes stay cleaner. 'Nuff said. 


Want to smell like you just came from the laundry, though your clothes have been traveling for a week? Add a dryer sheet or two and you'll always smell like a rose (or at least pine fresh). Keep extras in a plastic bag to break out later in the trip.


Empty space inside shoes is the perfect place for small, breakable items that can use an extra layer of protection. Think earbuds, shot glass, earrings, reading glasses, you name it! 


If you don't bring one, everything in your bag will soon smell like a hamper (we speak from experience). Forgo a bag, not to worry. The valet laundry bag in your hotel closet is a good alternative. Just make sure the cleaning staff doesn't whisk it away and hit you with a big hotel cleaning bill. 


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    You’ve made it to the airport, now what? Below are some of our tips on how to make your flight a little more healthy and enjoyable.

    Top Tips for In-Flight Bliss!

    If you fly from here to there, or from there to here, it is inevitable: you’ll need to spend hours on a flight. Why not make your next trip the best one ever?

    Try these healthy, mindful tips and watch those hours fly by.


    Want to drink something fun but avoid sugar and alcohol?  Sparkling water is the same as regular water, but has spritzy carbon dioxide added for an extra taste experience. Mineral water has natural sodium in it, which can be good for replacing electrolytes. However, it should be avoided if you are on a low-sodium diet.


    When you're mulling over a big decision, nothing works better than the literal "30,000 ft view" from an airplane. Pull out pencil and paper and write down all the pros and cons you can think of. Be thoughtful and complete. Then, set a goal of making a decision before you land!


    It is easy to let the hours go by and not get up, especially if you've not been hydrating enough to warrant a bathroom visit. Make it a goal to stand in the aisle at least once every 1/2 hour and, if there is space near the bathrooms, try a few quick stretches. You can also flex and unflex your legs at regular intervals if the seatbelt light is on.


    Trips are stressful and intense when navigating security or maneuvering bags. Give yourself a goal of sitting quietly and clearing the mind while in the air for 15 minutes at a time at first. Focus on the sound of the aircraft and the sense of movement through the air and across the globe. We guarantee you'll sleep more peacefully and arrive more confident and rested.


    Sitting in a small metal tube with hundreds of people from every area of the world for hours, sharing the same air, can expose you to who knows what! Arm yourself with Vitamin C and Zinc, two vital antioxidants that support cellular health and trigger vital enzymes that fight colds and infections.

      No More Airplane Nausea

      Nothing says holiday buzzkill quite like feeling nauseous on an airplane, especially during a long-haul flight. If motion sickness meds aren’t your thing, we’ve got the next best thing that is sure to keep you calm and relaxed during your flight minus the drowsiness.

      It’s well known that peppermint essential oil is one of nature’s healing gifts - giving a cooling sensation and having a calming effect on the body to reduce stress, mental exhaustion and depression. It is also recommended for its anti-nausea benefits, which makes it ideal for motion sickness.

      Even with restrictions placed on carrying liquids on the plane, the easiest way to take aromatherapy with you on-board a flight is to just take essential oils that have already been absorbed into a tissue, handkerchief, and cotton ball or roll on essential oils. Since there isn’t any restrictions for the amount of liquid packed in a checked bag, you can still take your oils with you to have after you land.

      Try condensing liquids in order to maximize the variety of liquid items you can carry with you. Place essential oils in smaller 5ml glass vials. Like Peppermint, Ginger and Spearmint can also be applied to pressure points, rubbed gently over the stomach and intestinal area to bring relief for nausea.

      Keep Nutritious Snacks in Your Carry On

      Want to know the easiest way to keep your tummy on track, your immunity strong and your taste buds dancing while on your trip? WOLO protein bars! They’re packed with Vitamin C and Zinc, as well as Calcium and Iron. Enough to beat all the germs your trip could possibly throw at you.


      Make sure to check out our other articles we have so many more resources for you:


      Healthy Instant Airplane Breakfast

      The worst thing about flights is without a doubt, the food. Airline food is jam-packed with 20-30% more sugar and salt to bring out the flavor. Calories in an airplane meal are pretty high - between 255 and 360 per food item. No one has ever felt better after eating plane food. Pepto Bismol, anyone?

      Whether you’re sitting in first class or coach, all the food comes from the same place: An industrial kitchen near the airport, where it’s cooked before departure and then reheated on board. Usually the meals are made between 12 and 72 hours in advance. It’s enough to make your stomach churn.

      Why not take your own breakfast and make it a healthy one?

      Put some oatmeal in a baggie along with your favorite toppings (dried fruit and nuts). During the meal service, ask your flight attendant for hot water and prepare your healthy breakfast in a coffee cup. You can also take a spread like almond butter and some rice cakes or a couple of slices of bread. People tend to eat out of boredom, especially on long-haul flights. Plan ahead of time so you’ll be prepared to reach for something healthy when hunger strikes. By the time you reach your destination, you will feel better for it. It’s time to leave those nasty skyhigh-calories behind. 


      You’ve made it to your destination! Congratulations, it’s time to go exploring. Here’s a few tips to make that experience easier.

      How to Travel like a Local

      When it comes to exotic travel, blending in is the way to go!

      Blending in is what separates tourists from real travelers. Tourists like to stick inside their cultural bubble even when visiting new places. Travelers immerse themselves in the local environment and learn from an insider's view.

      Rather be a traveler than a tourist? Try these ideas out on your next big adventure:


      Handle your own business, talk and conduct everyday financial transactions with local people.  This is one of the best ways to experience real life in a country and practice language skills.


      Staying with a local family is way different from a hotel, so make the most of both experiences. Try spending the first and last leg of your trip exploring historic hotels and enjoying some pampering, and then get some real life home interaction in-between. Local families can open unexpected doors for you and give you an unforgettable view on life in your destination.

      GO METRO

      Some say you never truly know a city until you've tried crossing it on public trans. Be bold, give it a try, ask for directions, enjoy getting lost.

      BE NICE

      Treat everyone with respect  at all times. You can expect that misunderstandings will occur as you run up against local customs or practices you don't know. Learn as much as you can before you go about cultural differences and know as many words for "I'm sorry" and "Excuse me" as you can!


      Cheaper and less crowded? Sounds perfect. Also, your destination will be more relaxed and more local-feeling than the overheated "high season" when tourists flock in.

        Do Free Activities

        Let’s face it, vacations are can be expensive, especially if you’ve got kids who want to see and do everything and you don’t know where to start. However, fun doesn’t have to mean spending more money than you can actually afford.

        They say the best things in life are free, and for every fun-loving traveller out there, it’s an idea worth keeping in mind. You might want to Tweet about that one.

        Imagine seeing famous paintings, entertaining your kids with activities, going for a hike while overlooking waterfalls and seeing gorgeous views of sunset from the mountain. Now imagine doing it all for free. For free? What? Yes, that’s right.

        Tourism websites are an awesome way to seek out free sights, events and activities happening in and around town. Try taking a walking tour and get a free history lesson at the same time; go to a music festival in the park; stop by cultural center; check out a farmer’s market; sample local food; stroll through the botanical garden or visit a museum. It’s a fun way to navigate your way through a new city and see all kinds of cool things you wouldn’t usually see if you were sitting on a tour bus or on an airplane. You can enjoy the gems of just about anywhere without spending a dime.


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        When you're jetting around the world, you want to be up for adventure... not down for the count!

        This is a serious business, especially if you've invested thousands and precious vacay days in your trip. Avoiding illness on the road could save your trip and maybe even your life. Even small-seeming bugs can turn ugly fast when you leave home base.

        Don't let it happen to you! Try these tips to stay healthy and well on your next jaunt:


        Do we even need to say this? Yes, apparently we do. Wash your hands as often as possible and use soap as well. No clean water nearby? Try antimicrobial wipes or sanitizing gel to kill those germs. Mom was right.


        No, you don't have to eat mac n’ cheese in Italy! But consider keeping your meals as simple and easy as you can, which can help your stomach adjust to an unfamiliar diet. Well-cooked veggies and non-spicy meats are best. If you must indulge in a new local delight, do so in moderation and know the source of the food!


        Airplane food isn't just bland and strange, it also tends to be high in sodium and might include bummer ingredients like MSG. Alcohol makes airplane dehydration much worse, of course. Bring your own empty water bottle through security and pack in your own healthful meal: it will taste twice as good inflight.


        Vitamin C. Zinc. Two friends you should never travel without. C is a powerful antioxidant and zinc kicks your immune function up a notch. Don't leave home without them!

          Want to know the easiest way to keep your tummy on track, your immunity strong and your taste buds dancing while on your trip? WOLO protein bars, of course! They’re packed with Vitamin C and Zinc, as well as Calcium and Iron. Enough to beat all the germs your trip could possibly throw at you.


          Sad but true… every good travel adventure must come to an end. And when it does, you can be left feeling melancholy, stressed, tired and even sick!

          No more. Don’t let your perfect vacation memory be marred with a rough re-entry to real life.

          Returning From Vaca? 

          Try these clever travel detox tips to come back feeling great:


          Drink lots of water and stay away from cola, juice, coffee, alcohol and the rest. Your body needs lots of it, even if you don’t feel especially thirsty.


          New fresh food delivery services aren’t cheap, but go ahead and splurge this one time! You deserve a break, and a trip to the grocery is a sure fire stressor when you are tired and hungry. Extra points if you order ahead and have a delivery arrive for the evening of your return. Just make sure to save the order in advance and not confirm it until you are sure your return flight is on time!


          If you come back to an empty fridge, you might be tempted to fill up on snacks and unhealthy takeout food while you get resettled. Don’t give into the temptation! That’s a recipe for bloating, inflammation and skin breakouts.

          STAY IMMUNE

          Be sure to add Vitamin C and plenty of Zinc to your diet during and after your trip to keep your immune system humming like a top! (Dare we mention… WOLO protein bars are an excellent source of C and Zinc, along with plenty of other healthful, delicious ingredients?)


          Give yourself permission to crash hard into your bed when you return – just try to keep to a normal wake/sleep schedule. Leave clean, soft sheets on the bed when you leave, make the bed and clear away excess clutter in your bedroom to make it as welcoming as possible. Try to get at least 9 hours for the first few days, and keep catnaps to 20 minutes or less.


            Traveling In The Fall?

            Fall is the perfect time to do some traveling. The leaves are changing, the summer crowds are gone and kids are back in school. However, packing for fall can be tricky! Especially if you are going to a different climate than your home.

            Here are some helpful packing tips for when the weather starts getting cooler:


            Weather changes very rapidly. Just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean it won’t rain the whole time or be 30 degrees cooler than normal. If you check the weather close to your departure time, you’ll have the jackets or accessories needed.


            Yes, it can be annoying to take off boots or heavy coats at security, but trying to fit them in your carry-on is much worse. Wear them and you free up a ton of space in your suitcase for more important things. Also, if you register for TSA Pre-Check you won’t need to take off your shoes or sweaters.


            Sad that your favorite dresses and skirts from the summer will have to be put away for warmer weather? Try adding leggings or tights with your favorite “summer items.” You’d be surprised how easily your dresses work for fall as well. Plus, dresses, skirts, leggings and tights are SUPER easy to pack and take up little space. 


            It can be difficult to plan outfits for a trip, especially if you’re not sure exactly what you’ll be doing. Try packing similar colors and patterns that easily go together, so you can mix and max easily no matter what you end up doing. 

              If you stick to these tips, you’ll arrive back in your “real life” feeling great.  All ready to plan your next big adventure!

              5 Tips to Survive Traveling During the Holidays

              Ready to head home for the holidays? Sounds stressful. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before. We here at WOLO WanderSnacks™ put together our 5 tried and true travel tips to eliminate as much travel stress as possible. 

              1. Get ready the night before 
              Whether you're driving, taking the train, or hopping on a plane to get home, one of the biggest things you can do for yourself is get everything ready the night before. Have your suitcase ready to go, so that the next day all you need to do is put your toiletries together. Pack your carry on as well, nothing like running around the house looking for your magazine or sunglasses frantically. Make sure you have your travel clothes picked out to eliminate any last minute indecision you may have. If you are taking a car, pack as much of it up as possible. Take care of everything you can the night before so that all you need to do is grab and go! 

              2. Know your route ahead of time 
              With the many map apps and ride-share services this tip might seem moot, however, how many times have you been listening to the map’s directions and realizing there is a better way but it’s too late or that your Uber is now stuck in traffic? Look up the routes you are most likely to take and check to see how traffic is looking. You may see that you need to leave earlier or later than you would normally in order to miss a traffic jam. 

              3. Pre-download all of your entertainment 
              Again, this might seem moot now that most planes have in-flight entertainment, but thinking you can rely on airport Wi-Fi or the LTE network to watch or download your movie or audiobook is a surefire way to lead to stress. Make sure your devices are preloaded with your books, movies, and favorite TV shows so that no matter what happens you will never be bored. 

              4. Charge charge charge your devices beforehand! 
              Related to tip #3, make sure you have already charged your phone, computer and/or tablet. Everyone will be fighting for those few plugs at the airport so make your life easier and have all your devices fully charged before you enter your mode of transportation. If you’re driving, make sure you have a car charger ready to go as well. 

              5. Don’t forget to eat!! 
              With all this travel, it’s hard to make sure you eat healthy. Try to eat a substantial breakfast and if possible lunch. Also, pack snacks for your car ride or plane so you don’t have to rely on unhealthy fast food options on the road or gross airport food. When in doubt, make sure you have your favorite WOLO Protein WanderBars™ with you on your holiday adventures (now at your neighborhood Sprouts!). 




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