45 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Traveler

Traveling and health go hand in hand! If you're not 100 percent healthy going from point A to point B becomes a lot more difficult.

If you want to dazzle the enthusiastic travelers you love the most this holiday season, you should consider these holiday gift ideas that revolve around their health and wellness.

So what do you get a traveler who has a deep passion for health? There's a plenitude of health and wellness gift ideas out there. Think anything food and diet, high quality beauty, fitness goodies and general travel comfort - these are all great ideas. A simple sleep mask or stash of tasty protein bars designed for travelers can make a big difference for them on their next trip, and how cool would it be to help them and have them think of you on their journey? 

A thoughtful holiday gift that promotes glowing health for your favorite traveler this holiday season can be a true joy for them. It might even get you a cool souvenir from a far away land upon their return.

Take a look at our healthy holiday gift ideas below. Each one of these will promote wellness for your loved one or help them on their journey. Enthusiastic travelers are sure to adore them all.


Any sort of additional comfort or luxury while en route to your target destination goes a long way. Consider these great gifts below for your beloved travelers. These are all small enough to be the best stocking stuffers ever. 

Facial Cleansing Towelettes

Simple luxuries like a shower can seem so far away when you are at layover 2 of 4 of your trip. A seemingly simple gift like facial cleansing towelettes go a long way when on a journey! Not to mention falling asleep with makeup or sunblock on can do a number on your skin. These wipes can encourage glowing skin health for life.

Saje Stress Release Soothing Face & Body Mist

Traveling can be pretty stressful. Help your beloved traveler by wowing him or her with this pleasant face and body mist. The formula consists of essential oils that can lead to feelings of true serenity and ease.

Slip Silk Sleepmask

Sleeping on planes and trains isn't exactly glamorous. This sleep mask, however, can make it a much more sophisticated activity. Travelers who want to get rest in pure style often adore this mulberry silk powerhouse.

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter

Nonstop travel and weather conditions can wreak havoc onto the skin. That's why travelers often go nuts for the almond milk & honey body butter made by The Body Shop. This formula provides users with hydration that lasts for upward of two full days.

Healthy Snack Stocking Stuffers

Food items can also make great avid traveler gifts. Organic dark chocolate is healthy and delectable. It makes the perfect addition to any holiday stocking, too. WOLO Protein Bars are a perfect and welcomed addition to any stocking. 

Search for foods that are nutritious, filling, simple to carry and eat on the go and you'll be good.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Packing for gym visits can be tough. A good bag can be a game-changer.

Essential Oils

Essential oils do wonders for travelers from reducing anxiety, motion sickness and headaches to acting as a natural insect repellant. These are great stocking stuffers that will get plenty of use. 

Neck pillows

An inflatable neck pillow can mean the difference between multiple relaxing two hour naps or a sleepless 22 hour journey with a cramped neck. 


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Modern conveniences and eager travelers are a good match. Delight your number one traveler with useful, easy to pack gadgetry like headphone splitters, miniature power splitters, portable security safes, all of which come in super handy on the road!

The Five Minute Journal

Help your favorite traveler wind down with the assistance of a terrific journal.

    Headphone Splitters

    Travelers adore listening to great tunes while en route to exotic destinations use these to split the signal.

    3-Outlet Mini Power Strip

    Miniature power strips can be lifesavers for travelers who depend on technology all of the time.

    WiFi Range Extender

    Reliable WiFi is essential for all busy and "in demand" travelers check out a WiFi range extender to make sure theres always a signal.

    Pacsafe TravelSafe Portable Safe

    Keeping belongings safe during travel has never been quite so simple.

    Ultimate Ears Megablast

    These speakers are the definition of strong.

    RFID Blocking Wallet

    Help travelers say goodbye to theft risks with this RFID blocking wallet!

    Mini Portable Power Bank

    What traveler can say no to the gift of portable power?


    Clean water is a right for all travelers make sure they have one of these ESPECIALLY if they like to go to remote places. 


    Our home is our own personal oasis. That doesn't mean that routine doesn't gets boring! Try to inspire a bit of wonder and luxury in your own home and your favorite travelers home on the regular. Think gifts around recharging and relaxing, inspiring wanderlust, yummy food, artisan tea and coffee, etc.


    Looking for gifts for travelers who adore energy and vitality? What about relaxation? Think presents that promote fitness, daily easer and relaxation. Relaxation is vital for enthusiastic travelers - acupuncture pillows, calming sprays, bedside speakers and more. Think of gifts that promote full tranquility.

    The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book

    Traveling health buffs can learn the ins and outs of yoga thanks to this coloring book.

    Yoga for Beginners Kit

    This Yoga for Beginners Kit can help newbies who want to boost flexibility.


    Avid travelers do a lot of moving. A FitBit can help them keep tracks of steps and more and help you monitor fitness while at home. 

    Relaxamat Accupressure Relaxation Pillow

    What can be better than a relaxation pillow that boosts serenity and health simultaneously?

    Enrichment Wave Premium Sleep Therapy Sound Machine

    Soothing noises can make falling and staying asleep in cars, on trains and on planes a lot simpler and more pleasant.

    Marika Deep Tissue Massage Stick

    There are so many personal care items that can benefit busy, active and exhausted travelers. Look into the deep tissue massage stick from Marika.

    Marika Deep Freeze Massage Stick

    Don't forget the deep freeze massage stick.

    Way of Will Muscle Soak

    These Himalayan salts can make baths truly joyous. They boost circulation, calm achy muscles and even smell wonderful.

    Organic Multivitamins

    For improved vitality and health it's important to make sure your body is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs. When you choose organic vitamins for your favorite traveler it's also important to make sure that it's clean, natural and totally void of toxins and artificial additives.

    The Official A Game of Thrones Coloring Book

    Everyone loves Game of Thrones! Spending time on a long plane ride can be fun for travelers who adore television thrills will love this coloring book.


    Yoga Leggings by Marika

    Yoga leggings can be great for physical fitness and lengthy travel days.

    Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear for Men

    Active people need to take it easy sometimes, too. Relaxation apparel can promote better healing.

    Casper Pillow

    The Casper Pillow can encourage optimal sleep hygiene regardless of where a traveler may be.


    Clean Eats Cookbook

    Travelers often adore cooking. A healthy cookbook can be a massive hit.

    Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

    This handy tool can make cutting up veggies for meals a piece of cake, no pun intended. Make your own zucchini spaghetti!


    Travelers who adore smoothies won't be able to resist the NutriBullet!


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    Kombucha Brewing Kit

    Kombucha is a delightful tea beverage that's been a staple for a long time. Travelers can enjoy kombucha regardless of their locations, too. Brewing kits simplify tea preparation greatly.

    Back to the Roots Kitchen Herb Garden

    Herbs are delicious. They make wonderful additions to all kinds of meals. What if you could grow your own fresh herbs right in your kitchen? 


    Citizens' Favorites Tea Bag Assortment

    Tea is healthy and refreshing. It can also keep busy travelers awake. 

    David's Tea Gold Collection

    What can be nicer than sampling some of the finest teas from around the world? Maybe a gift set with a luxe gold infuser and mixing spoon?

    Light Green Embossed Cast Iron Teapot From World Market

    With all this fine tea around you need a nice tea pot. Getting tea ready has never been quite so charming before.


    Healthy Snack Box Subscription

    Travelers love eating healthily while they're en route to other destinations. That's why nutritious snack box gifts like Graze can be so brilliant.

    Atlas Coffee Club Subscription for 3 Months

    Coffee can keep travelers alert and happy. What can top a fantastic caffeine club subscription?  


    Wanderlust inspiration makes a wonderful present category for travelers. Think about coloring books, magazine subscriptions, books in general especially books of places they have been or want to go.

    The Travel Book

    What can be more exciting than reading about global travel?

    World Globe

    Gazing dreamily at a world globe can be ideal for bright-eyed travelers. This globe also has Illuminated constellations in the dark. 

    Conde Nast Traveler

    Reading travel magazines can get people psyched for their upcoming trips.

    Backpacker Magazine Subscription

    Travelers often adore nothing more than going backpacking and hiking for weeks on end. Help fuel their adventure with a backpacker magazine.


    And finally - what better way to inspire a bit of wanderlust than pay for a night of their lodging? Or even a plane ticket? 

    AirBNB Gift Cards

    Air B&Bs are wonderful for travelers who need to secure accommodations. Does AirBNB do giftcards? You bet! 

    International Airlines Gift Cards

    Fly your favorite traveler out in style with an airline gift card. They will be sure to LOVE an international flight to their chosen destination.  

    If you want to make a traveler smile, these balanced and healthy gift choices can be priceless. Take a look at them all A.S.A.P.



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