300 of the Best Travel Bloggers & Instagrams to Follow in 2019 (Part 1)

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Tired of your routine? Find yourself watching No Reservations over and over again?

Perhaps it’s time to skip the mundane, break out your passport and hit the road!

Whether you’re looking for a quick road trip or an international adventure sometimes it can be hard to nail down exactly what to do and need a little inspiration to make it happen. When you hit that brick wall, fortunately, there is a whole community that lives to inspire your travel dreams - travel bloggers.

Beautiful photography, wondrous landscapes, remarkable experiences, and delicious food are all things you think of when you think of travel bloggers. But what you don't think of immediately is the sheer amount of travel-hacking you can do by following these bloggers and using the information and deals that you can take advantage of.

The best travel bloggers these days use a variety of mediums to connect with their audience from their personal blogs to vlogs on YouTube, to perhaps the most popular medium - Instagram. They make it easy for you to follow, connect and be inspired.

The Instagram accounts and blogs below contain a little bit of everything: travel, leisure, food, people, cultures and they also highlight different types of travel experiences: traveling solo as a female, as a man, as a couple, as a family, as a photographer, luxury travel & traveling on a budget. (not to mention some of the coolest Instagram photography accounts ever) Our list has something for everyone.

You can use these accounts as resources to put together the ultimate bucket list of travel destinations as well as figure out the best time to visit countries, decide the best sights to see, and of course the best things to eat but most importantly resources on how to skip the tourist traps and how to travel like a local... wherever you decide to go don't forget to pack your WOLO protein bars!

Whether you're an experienced nomad or novice traveler these are absolutely the best, must-read travel blogs and Instagram accounts out there that are curated by the top travel influencers in the industry that ultimately have one goal: sharing their passion to help you explore your world.

Whether you’re looking for travel inspiration, researching interesting places to visit on your next trip or just want to admire beautiful landscapes and daydream a bit, we’ve put together the ultimate list of 300 of the best Instagrams accounts and most popular travel blogs to follow in 2019. Read on for Part 1 of our 2 part series. 

In no particular order here are some of the best travel bloggers and Instagram accounts out there: 



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1. @thepointsguy


2. @theblondeabroad


3. @travelbabbo


4. @damonandjo


5. @adventurouskate


6. @muradosmann


7. @kirstenalana


8. @jackharries


9. @theplanetd


10. @johnnyjet


11. @gmateus


12. @wheresandrew


13. @bucketlistjourney


14. @chrisburkard


15. @thefella


16. @samhorine


17. @chaiwalla


18. @triphackr


19. @anna.everywhere


20. @ovunno


21. @migrationology


22. @hithapalepu


23. @leeabbamonte


24. @thatbackpacker


25. @jetsetchristina


26. @travelinglens


27. @luxetiffany


28. @captainandcharlie


29. @luxetravelfamily


30. @lajollamom


31. @hippieinheelsblog


32. @lunaticatlarge


33. @bookonin


34. @saltinourhair


35. @sassychris1


36. @loic.lagarde


37. @doyoutravel


38. @gypsea_lust


39. @_itsbeautifulhere


40. @lucylaucht


41. @taramilktea


42. @thebucketlistfamily


43. @theycallmebambam


44. @howfarfromhome


45. @krumble


46. @tuulavintage


47. @funforlouis


48. @izkiz


49. @oneikatraveller



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50. @thedanicheese


51. @elonatheexplorer


52. @karlwatsondocs


53. @thisgirlcaneat


54. @belenhostalet


55. @globetrotting_gingertravel


56. @hopeisdopee


57. @briancason


58. @samevanslife


59. @tourdelust


60. @mylifesatravelmovie


61. @bruinalexander


62. @readysetjetset


63. @theglasspassport


64. @captainlizclark


65. @mrdavidduran


66. @chelseakauai


67. @karl_shakur


68. @emilyventures


69. @marlinamoreno


70. @fromannettewithlove


71. @hey_ciara


72. @jannikobenhoff


73. @AlexStrohl


74. @erubes1


75. @sennarelax


76. @eljackson


77. @swedishnomad


78. @vancitywild


79. @Danielkordan


80. @everchanginghorizon


81. @mrbenbrown


82. @celinnedacosta


83. @lostleblanc


84. @andyto


85. @Jordhammond


86. @booyasan


87. @WanderReds


88. @sayingyesis


89. @mena_shootz


90. @kyrenian


91. @Lebackpacker


92. @californiathroughmylens


93. @culturaltourist


94. @drinksintheair


95. @JeremyJauncey


96. @tiffpenguin


97. @Travisburkephotography


98. @sunshinestories


99. @annapurnauna



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100. @BrendanVanSon


101. @kenkaminesky


102. @codycobb


103. @poker_nomad


104. @glographics


105. @PassionPassport


106. @brahmino


107. @leaveyourdailyhell


108. @globeguide


109. @golden_heart


110. @marianapostcards


111. @journey_driven


112. @2straws


113. @theupbeatpath


114. @oldkyrenian


115. @Emitoms


116. @LesleyAnneMurphy


117. @the_candourist


118. @lifeofsabin


119. @uncornered_market


120. @framesbyjustinjames


121. @theworldpursuit


122. @bontraveler


123. @beard_and_curly


124. @nodestinations


125. @girlvsglobe


126. @Traveltomtom


127. @laurenswells


128. @Tourist2Townie


129. @Youngadventuress


130. @DrewBinsky


131. @Laurenepbath


132. @theplanetd


133. @et_voila__


134. @iamdocgelo


135. @Gettingstamped


136. @i_am_aileen


137. @michidipp


138. @thattravelblog


139. @goldie_berlin


140. @ordinarytraveler


141. @Bemytravelmuse