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Protein Bars

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WOLO Protein Bars: Soy Free, Gluten Free, High Fiber, Low Sugar

It's no secret that gluten free protein bars are a popular food item, but WOLO upgrades the experience thanks to our variety of tasty & nutritious, high protein bars, all gluten and soy free. Check out the full collection of flavors and discover why these high fiber, low sugar bars are such a delicious option on the go or at home.

Are Protein Bars Healthy?

Are you wondering: "Are protein bars healthy for you?" In a word, yes! However, not all soy free protein bars are the same, and each can contain different ingredients in different quantities. Fortunately, the gluten free bars from WOLO are loaded with protein as well as other nutritious ingredients. Find out exactly why a gluten free protein bar from WOLO is a healthy choice.

  1. It Can Replace Unhealthy Snacks in Your Diet
    • Gluten free snack bars loaded with protein are a better choice than unhealthy snacks
    • Replace candy or cookies with WOLO soy free protein bar
    • Eliminate empty calories from your diet
  2. It Can Prevent Overeating at the Next Meal
    • When you're starving at lunch or dinner, you're more likely to overeat
    • A gluten free bar with protein can help you be more aware of portion sizes
    • This can aid in digestion as well as overall calorie consumption
  3. It Can Provide a Dose of Vitamins and Minerals
    • Beyond just macronutrients, high fiber snack bars from WOLO contain micronutrients
    • Each protein fiber bar contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  4. It Can Regulate Blood Sugar in a Rush
    • Both low and high blood sugar levels can be problematic
    • Regular small meals (like a WOLO fiber bar) can stabilize blood sugar
    • Key ingredients like protein, fat and fiber also regulate blood sugar
    • WOLO low sugar protein bars also help avoid blood sugar spikes
  5. It Can Build Muscle Mass in a Healthy Way
    • WOLO protein bars deliver 15 grams of protein
    • Protein is a key building block to building muscle, which in turns boosts metabolism
  6. It Can Aid in Workout Recovery
    • Protein is a building block of human health
    • A healthy, gluten free protein bar can provide quick refueling to tired muscles
    • WOLO fiber protein bars are convenient enough to take to the gym or in your pocket when you're getting active outdoors
  7. It Can Lead to Healthy Weight Loss
    • Weight loss is ultimately an equation of calories in, calories out
    • Empty calories aren't filling, but healthy natural protein bars are
    • By replacing junk food with a fiber protein bar, you can feel satisfied with fewer calories
    • Plus, high fiber breakfast bars give you the energy to stay active all day long (thereby burning even more calories!)

How Does a WOLO Protein Bar Fit into a Healthy Diet?

  1. A WOLO protein bar can be a low-calorie breakfast, especially when you need to grab something quick on the go.
  2. You might also be searching for high fiber cereal bars, and WOLO bars can do the trick. They make a perfect mid-morning snack.
  3. A WOLO protein bar rounds out a light lunch and adds plenty of protein, ensuring that you stay full for longer.
  4. Gluten free fiber bars like the ones from WOLO can also replace a meal like lunch altogether if you're looking to cut calories without missing out on any key nutritional components.
  5. When the mid-afternoon cravings strike, skip the vending machine and head for a WOLO protein bar instead.
  6. A late dinner can feel like a reason to overindulge. Instead of blowing your diet in one huge meal, settle your appetite beforehand with a protein bar. Then, you'll be ready to make better choices when it comes time to order.
  7. You don't have to skip the sweet treat after dinner just because you're trying to eat healthy. The best fiber bars from WOLO are so good that they will feel just like you're enjoying a dessert.
  8. Dietary restrictions can make it hard to participate in certain group meals or snacks. Having WOLO fiber bars on hand means you can always join in without worrying about allergens, preferences or cross-contamination.
  9. Parents can share WOLO protein bars with their children guilt-free. It's a snack that is suitable for the whole family.

What Should You Avoid in a Protein Bar?

There's often a focus on what to look for in a protein bar. Equally important is what you want to avoid. Are fiber bars good for you? Are protein bars really healthy? They can be if they skip most or all of the following ingredients.

  1. Excess sugar- especially added sugar in large amounts.
  2. Too many unknown ingredients.
  3. Low protein, especially if it is under 10 grams per bar.
  4. Low or no fat. Although that might seem counterintuitive, some fat is needed for vitamin absorption. Plus, fat is filling and can keep you full for longer.
  5. No or low fiber. Are fiber bars good for you? Absolutely! Therefore, aim for bars that contain 10+ grams of fiber per serving.
  6. Trans fats. While healthy fats are great, excessive trans fats are dangerous to your health.
  7. Soy protein isolate is regarded as one of the least effective forms of protein. Look for high fiber protein bars that contain whey protein, milk protein or pea protein instead.
  8. Excessive artificial sweeteners. WOLO bars contain small amounts of natural sugars as well as natural sweeteners like Stevia.

What are the Top Protein Bar Flavors from Wolo?

It's hard to pick just one, but you can try all of the following delicious kosher protein bars from WOLO.

  1. Peanut Butter Protein Bar: If you're a peanut butter fan, then these chewy, crispy and layered high fiber bars are the treat you've been searching for.
  2. Cocoa Crunch Protein Bar: These mild-flavored protein fiber bars boast crisp chocolate pieces and a creamy almond butter layer. Perfect for a not-too-sweet treat or a tasty bite to enjoy with a cup of coffee.
  3. Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Bar: Minty and refreshing, these low carb fiber bars pack plenty of protein as well as a seriously delicious flavor.
  4. Lemon Cake Protein Bar: Bright, bold and the perfect combination of sweet and sour, lemon cake protein bars are the gluten free treat you've been waiting for. While many WOLO bars could replace your after-dinner snack, this one truly is a dessert!
  5. Salted Caramel Protein Bar: Not all gluten free nutrition bars are gourmet, but the WOLO Salted Caramel Protein Bar is something even foodies will love. The crisp chocolate layer is the ultimate contrast to the chewy salted caramel later on top.
  6. S'Mores Protein Bar: Bring the magic of a camping trip with you anywhere thanks to the unforgettable flavors of S'mores healthy fiber bars. These delicious bars combine the flavors of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate into one healthy treat.

What's Inside Each WOLO Protein Bar?

Protein bars from WOLO are packed with nutritious ingredients intentionally formulated with a special antioxidant blend while still coming in a variety of flavors that'll be sure to keep you coming back for more. Discover and understand how each is the best protein bar hands down.

  1. High Protein
    • High-Quality Blend of Milk, Whey and Pea Protein
    • Proprietary Blend Designed for Slow, Even Absorption and Long Lasting Energy
  2. Less than 6 Grams of Sugar
    • WOLO Bars Combine Great Taste with Low Sugar
    • Low Sugar + High Protein = Nutritional Powerhouse Snack
  3. Dietary Preferences and Food Allergies
    • Soy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Peanut Free
    • Kosher Dairy Certified
  4. Antioxidant Blend
    • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
      1. Boosts Immunity by Helping White Blood Cells
      2. Fights Heart Disease Risk Factors
      3. Helps Prevent Iron Deficiencies
      4. Protects Your Memory
      5. May Reduce the Risk of Chronic Diseases
      6. May Help Battle High Blood Pressure
      7. May Help Prevent Gout Attacks
    • Zinc
      1. Increases Immunity and Fights Colds
      2. Acts as a Powerful Antioxidant that May Help Fight Cancer
      3. Aids in Nutrient Absorption and Digestion
      4. Supports Liver Health
      5. Helps with Muscle Growth and Repair
      6. Fights Diabetes
      7. Maintains Heart Health by Supporting Blood Vessels
      8. Prevents Diarrhea
      9. Balances Hormones
      10. Increases Fertility
    • Turmeric
      1. Powerful Medicinal Properties in Curcumin
      2. Battles Inflammation, Arthritis and Chronic Pain
      3. Dramatically Increases Body's Antioxidant Capacity
      4. Improved Brain Function Lowering Risk of Brain Diseases
      5. May Lower Risk of Heart Disease
      6. May Help Prevent and Treat Cancer
      7. May Prevent and Treat Alzheimer's Disease
      8. Fights Against Depression
      9. Fights Age-Related Chronic Diseases and May Help Delay Aging
      10. Aids in Athletic Recovery
      11. Increases Overall Blood Flow and Circulation
    • Flaxseed
      1. Contains Plant-Based High-Quality Protein
      2. High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Improve Heart Health
      3. Rich Source of Antioxidants (Lignans)
      4. Rich in Dietary Fiber for Digestive Health
      5. May Improve Cholesterol
      6. May Lower Blood Pressure
      7. May Lower Cancer Risk
      8. May Help Control Blood Sugar and Manage Diabetes
      9. Reduces Feelings of Hunger and Overall Appetite to Help with Weight Loss
      10. Helps Make Skin and Hair Healthy
      11. Helps Decrease Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms
    • Coconut Oil
      1. Excellent Anti-Bacterial Agent to Keep You Healthy While Traveling
      2. Plant-Based Source of Healthy Saturated Fats in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)
      3. Contains Fatty Acids with Potent Medicinal Properties
      4. Can Increase Fat Burning
      5. Can Kill Harmful Microorganisms
      6. Can Reduce Hunger, Appetite
      7. Can Raise the Good HDL Cholesterol
      8. Can Protect Skin, Hair and Dental Health
      9. Can Boost Brain Function in Alzheimer's Patients
      10. Can Help You Lose Harmful Abdominal Fat
      11. Improves Heart Health
      12. May Reduce Seizures
      13. May Relieve Symptoms of Dementia
      14. Helps Prevent Yeast Infection
    • Prebiotic Fiber
      1. Lower Risk for Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease
      2. Healthier Cholesterol Levels
      3. Better Gut Health from Increased Good Bacteria
      4. Improved Digestion
      5. Lower Stress Response
      6. Regulates Hormonal Balance and Mood
      7. Higher Immune Function
      8. Lower Risk for Obesity and Weight Gain from Controlled Appetite
      9. Lower Inflammation and Autoimmune Reactions
      10. Protects Bone Health
      11. Better Absorption of Vitamins and Minerals
      12. Strengthens the Bowel Wall