The Best Protein Bars for Adventure-Packed Days and Nights

Protein bar snacks can seem a dime a dozen nowadays - all boring, all containing the same ingredients, but we know you want more!

If you're ready for a new energy bar option, WOLO is ready to transform your bar apathy into pure immunity-boosting enjoyment.

Think gluten free, soy free, high fiber, high protein, low sugar to start.

With all that gluten and soy out of the picture, we had plenty of room to pack the rest with a set of ingredients that just might help you conquer the world.

Craving a fast and tasty "pick-me-up" in the middle of your day, fuel for an exhausting mountain hike, or a pre-emptive pick me up when you’re about to land after a long airplane ride across the ocean?

Guess what, WOLO is there for you to keep you healthy and energized on the way.

Taste after taste, we hear it again and again… WOLO Protein WanderBars are just the best protein bars around, plain and simple. Nobody can ever find the sample boxes in our office – since our employees keep eating them!

We thought it was just us, but once we began to share it became clear all around. That’s why WOLO is now seen on the shelves at stores like Sprouts nationwide after just a short time in operation. Word spreads fast!

So what is up with these WOLO bars, anyway?

First, they are delicious.

That’s a given for us. But not the kind of delicious that gets tiring before you’ve even finished the bar! This is the kind of delicious that just goes down easy… and yummy. Tomorrow you just might want to eat another one, or two?

Second, we’ve packed every one with specialized ingredients to fuel your journey through every action-packed day.

Our travel nutrition bars nourish your body with the greatest and most beneficial ingredients we can find. Put them to the test… you’ll find they check many of the protein bar health boxes you’ve been looking for.


Vitamin C and zinc are two components that can give you the gift of better immunity and help destroy free radicals. If you want to be able to dodge all kinds of unpleasant illnesses, you need these immune-boosting antioxidant components in your diet, stat! An A+ immune system is critical for any and all nomads out there. Travel and getting sick are like oil and water, after all.


Turmeric can do a lot for international butterflies who have on-the-go lifestyles – whether you fit more in the jetset or the jungle canoe set. It can enhance blood flow, minimize inflammation and even battle it out against damage of the cells. Remember, strong blood flow is of the essence for folks who spend a lot of time in transit.


Zinc can speed up the body's recovery processes. The mineral can be helpful to people who want to stay fit as a fiddle during their journeys. It can even be great for the management of infections and the common cold. That's thanks to its enzyme access.


Flaxseed is optimal for people who need more fiber. It also has zero competition in the omega-3 fatty acid department. If you're looking for a meal that's an omega-3 fatty acid powerhouse, then you should get your hands on a WanderBar right now. Did we mention that they are available just above on this page?


Coconut oil has an abundance of fatty acids that can banish detrimental pathogens to the dustbin of history. Examples are fungi, viruses, and bacteria. If you want your traveling experience to be the portrait of wellness, then coconut oil consumption should be one of your top priorities.


Other protein bar companies pack their bars with a ton of preservatives and use lower quality ingredients and the cheapest protein possible. It was our mission to create a premium quality protein bar with the highest quality protein possible. Our protein bars are packed with 15 grams of protein from our proprietary high-quality protein blend made of whey protein isolate, pea protein, and milk protein, providing essential amino acids to your body to fuel your adventure.



Travel can be pretty demanding. Exploring the streets of distant metropolises can take a lot out of you. Swimming in cool waters in vast oceans can call for a lot of vitality, too. Thankfully, our bars can help you seize the day regardless of your current spot under the sun.

So - do you want to chow down on the best tasting protein bar around? Do you want one that doesn't include any gluten or soy? That doesn't have much sugar in it and comes ready-packed with clean ingredients?

Look into WOLO's irresistible WanderBars as soon as possible. Our bars are filling, satisfying and completely nutritious and dare we say the best tasting protein bars on the planet.